Campus Catalyst Awards

Catalyst Awards: Nomination Process

The nomination process occurs in two parts:

First, you will need to fill out a nomination form that indicates general information about the nominee, as well as the inclusion of a one page statement of nomination for why the person or group should receive the award.

Second, you may (this is not required) provide up to five attachments with additional information that supports and supplements your statement of nomination.

Part 1: Nomination Form

Fill out the nomination form below

Part 2: Additional Documentation

In order to provide additional documentation you will need to send an email as shown below. *We strongly encourage submissions to include additional documentation so that reviewers have enough resources to accurately evaluate the nominee. 

To: Hilary Smith -
Subject Line: CCA - Name of the Award - Nominee's Full Name

With this email, you can attach 3-5 supplemental materials.

Examples of additional documentation include:

Excellence in Research:cop

  • CV
  • Bibliography of Research
  • Research Abstract
  • Research Article(s)

Excellence in Teaching:

  • Syllabi
  • Teaching Materials
  • Letters of Commendation

Leadership Award:

  • Final Reports/Documentation of Outcomes
  • Letters of Commendation

sscStudent Leadership Award:

  • Final Reports/Documentation of Outcomes
  • Letters of Commendation

Team Award:

  • Final Reports/Documentation of Outcomes
  • Feedback from Group/Team Members
  • Letters of Commendation
Nomination Timeline (2015)
  • October 5: Nominations Open
  • November 1: Nominations due by 11:59pm
  • November 1-9: Selection committee reviews nominations
  • November 10: Award recipients notified
  • November 17: Awards ceremony