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The IU Task Force on Sustainability (IUSTF) created the Energy and Built Environment Working Group in 2007 to address issues related to energy use and constructing, restoring and maintaining buildings on the IUB campus and in the surrounding community.  With the establishment of the IU Office of Sustainability in 2009, the IUSTF transitioned into the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board (CSAB).  The Energy and Built Environment Working Group continues its research and programming as one of seven CSAB working groups.  


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The Energy and Built Environment Working Group strives to raise awareness of IUB’s energy use among faculty, staff, and students and implement strategies through behavior modification and innovative building design and engineering principles to maximize the efficiency of on-campus production and distribution systems as well as reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


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The Energy and Built Environment Working Group is led by co-chairs Sanya Carley, Assistant Professor at SPEA, and P.K. Patel, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Physical Plant.


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Sanya CarleyCo-Chair, Assistant Professor (SPEA)scarley
Mark Menefee
Co-Chair, Assistant Director (Utilities)
Michael BakerStaff (Physical Plant)mebaker
Ben BrabsonFaculty (Physics)brabson
Kristin BrethovaAssistant Director (IUOS)brethova
Dan DerheimerStaff (EH&S)dderheim
Kevin EllettStaff (Geological Survey)kmellett
Joan HagenStaff (Bryan Hall)jhagen
Mike JensonStaff (EH&S)mjenson
Jeff KadenEngineer (Physical Plant)jkaden
Eric OstStaff (Astronomy)emo
PK PatelStaff (Physical Plant Engineer)ppatel
Dimitri PoppeliersStaff (Physical Plant)dpoppeli
Jonathan RacekFaculty (Smith Research Center)jonracek
Leah Thill

Student, IUOS intern

Terry Usrey

 Faculty (SPEA)

Lee WaltersDirector (Utilities Information Group)lewalter
John WeberStaff (Physical Plant)wjweber
Ian YarbroughStaff (Utility Metering Tech)iyarbrou