Peak Load

Peak Mobile App

The Peak Mobile App is here to help IU students, faculty and staff minimize the peak demand charge. Instructions on how to use the app and download are available below.
How To Use

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On your Smart Phone

  1. Open the IU Mobile App
  2. Open the Energy Matters Tab
  3. See what times energy use is at its highest and see what you can do to reduce your energy usage during this time
  4. Tap See All and learn more about tips and suggestions for reducing energy use around campus 

On your computer

  1. Google IU Mobile or enter in your address bar
  2. Click on the Energy Matters Tab
  3. Use the second drop box menu and choose your residence hall
  4. Use the tabs - Charts, Stats, Breakdown - to view the energy usage
  5. Use the tabs - Day, Week, Month - to see the amount of energy used in each time increment

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To download the app, head to ......

Visit Itunes and download the IU Mobile App for Free!

Or, you can use the computer version online available at the linke below.