Peak Load

Peak load! Many have heard of it, many haven't. Even still, why does it matter to you? The Office of Sustainability has put together this website to better educate you on peak demand; this includes information on IU's brand new Peak Mobile App.
Briefing: Peak Load

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The term peak demand refers to the highest amount of electricity being consumed at any one point in time across the Indiana University Campus.  It is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). Periods of Peak demand are caused by many users using a lot of electricity at the same time. For example, on a hot day the buildings on campus will have the air-conditioning turned up, causing a sharp increase in electricity demand. 

Orientation: Peak Load Website

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About Peak 

  • The About Peak page not only defines peak, but helps individuals understand how the issue relates to their lives. 

Peak Load Mobile App

  • Check out and download the new peak load app. 

Tips & Suggestions

  • You understand peak load. Now learn what actions can be taken to lessen the demand. This page offers tips and suggestions for behavior modification.