Internship Program in Sustainability

'13-'14 Internships

Continuing a tradition of student engagement in campus sustainability research and implementation, the Indiana University Office of Sustainability is recruiting its 12th group of sustainability interns for the 2013-14 academic year.

Interested in applying, but have some questions? Want to meet current interns? Come out to an information session on Thursday, September 5 from 5:30-6:30pm. E-House is located at 704 E. 10th St. Refreshments will be provided.
Internships Mentored through the Office of Sustainability

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The Office of Sustainability is hiring six new interns through the Academic Year Internship Program in Sustainability, three mentored by IUOS and four by CSAB. Eight interns will be continuing from the summer program, four mentored by IUOS and four by CSAB. 

Internships Mentored through the Office of Sustainability:

  • Financing Renewable Energy: To meet the greenhouse gas emissions and energy reduction goals set forth in the Campus Master Plan and the Integrated Energy Master Plan, the university will require a diverse set of strategies, including purchase and production of renewable energy. This intern will work with Office of Sustainability staff to research funding mechanisms for renewable energy for Indiana University, exploring best practices from other universities, legal and regulatory barriers, various incentives, on-site versus off-site generation, direct funding versus power purchase agreements or renewable energy certificates, grant and philanthropic opportunities, life cycle payback and feasibility analysis, and potential climate impact and contribution to emissions goals.

  • Sustainability and the Greek Experience: With 71 unique chapters and student membership over 6,000, the Greek community presents innumerable opportunities for sustainability-related projects and program development. This intern will continue the work of the academic year intern, collaborating with the four Greek councils (IFC, MCGC, NPHC & MCGC) on campus to support sustainability chairs within chapters, conduct strategic planning, and develop programming focused on green event planning and sustainable living. Potential projects include, but are not limited to: green events workshops and consultation, local food sourcing in chapter houses, energy and water conservation initiatives, and a feasibility study of system wide recycling. Successful candidates will be familiar or affiliated with the IU Greek community.

  • Sustainability Metrics and Reporting: Key sustainability metrics for IUB include the Greenhouse Gas Inventory and the Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System. These are public metrics and accuracy is essential to show credible progress toward our sustainability goals. This intern will guide the collection of required data for these and other comprehensive campus sustainability metrics in collaboration with a diverse cross section of the university community, including the seven working groups.  Applicants for this position will be required to manage a great deal of data gathered from dozens of sources and accurately report IUB’s progress using standard reporting tools. These tasks also require excellent communication skills and determination to complete very large, complex projects. This intern will also complete other national and international metrics and update the campus sustainability dashboard.

Internships Mentored by CSAB Working Groups

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Internships Mentored through the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board’s seven working groups:

  • Resource Use and Recycling—Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale: This year marks the fourth Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale, an effort which in 2012 filled the east end of Gladstein Fieldhouse with 35 tons of reusable items collected from IUB residence halls, Greek houses and off campus properties.  The sale of these items back to the community netted $29,000 for United Way, Habitat for Humanity and future sale efforts.  This internship will build on the previous academic year and summer intern's work, with the goals of: (1) capturing more reusable items before they enter the waste stream, and (2) increasing the educational nature of the project through the integration of service learning classes and student organization programming.

  • Resource Use and Recycling—No Waste Coordination: For years, IUB has been working to create wide reaching and fully integrated waste minimization programming.  This intern will continue the work of previous interns collaborating with the Resource Use and Recycling Working Group to: 1) convene purchasing and waste minimization stakeholders to facilitate communication and collaboration on projects and policy making; 2) collect waste and consumption data to help assess IUB’s progress toward its goal of minimizing waste by 40% by 2020, 3) develop educational outreach programming designed to decrease unneeded consumption, encourage reuse, and increase proper usage of campus recycling services; and 4) collaborate with the purchasing intern to help minimize unneeded purchases, minimize packaging and and deliveries associated with purchasing, and purchase sustainable products when new purchases are necessary.

  • Transportation: Bicycle Friendly Campus Initiatives: This intern will help improve bicycle access and safety for the IU Bloomington campus.  Intern serves as the coordinator for the Bicycle Steering Committee.  Intern will implement the startup of the bicycle sharing program.  Intern will set up implementation program for recommendations contained in the bicycling element of the Transportation Demand Management Study and revisit the Bicycle Friendly University application for possible resubmittal.  Intern will enhance and maintain IUB Bicycling resources and bicycle-related social media.
Consultancy Corps Positions

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The Office of Sustainability is also hiring two students intern through a new program called Consultancy Corps. Students hired through this program serve with an on campus unit to green their operations, but do not participate in the full internship program seminar. Consultancy Corps includes student interns at the Health Center and Athletics Department. Students serve at the same pay rates as the sustainability interns for the full academic year and meet monthly with the Office of Sustainability. Open student positions for the fall include: 

  • Indiana Memorial Union & Sodexo--Local Food Sourcing and Green Events Planning at the Indiana Memorial Union: Sodexo Dining Services provides food service throughout the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU), as well as catering throughout the IUB campus and Bloomington. The operation presents several unique opportunities for increased local food sourcing and provision of green event services. This intern will continue the work of the summer intern, working with Sodexo staff to: 1) improve the awareness, participation and satisfaction with sustainable programs offered by Sodexo; 2) propose, implement, and measure sustainability initiatives on campus through collaboration with Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow Plan. Specific activities may include: continued collaboration with other campus food vendors to define local food for IUB, working with Sodexo to begin tracking local food orders and offerings, encouraging and publicizing purchase of local food through catering services, and establishment of new baseline sustainability standards for catering services and tracking of green events services.  
  • University Information Technology Services--Document Management, Paper Usage and Reduction: IU continues to look for ways to measure and reduce the use of paper through digitization initiatives in academics, student work, and administrative functions.  Working with the Sustainable Computing Working Group, this internship will compile research and analyze input from faculty, students and staff to develop recommendations on better document and paper management, leading to reductions in use. Competitive applicants will have educational or work experience in Public and Environmental Affairs, Business, Information Science, Learning Sciences, Journalism, or other relevant area.