Green Events

The IU Office of Sustainability wants to recognize campus clubs, offices, and departments that have made a dedicated effort in becoming more sustainable through greening their events.  Here the event planner will find resources for organizing an event that reduces waste, conserves resources, and supports IU’s sustainability initiatives.  IUOS GE logo

What is a Green Event?

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A green event is one which is planned with the goal of minimizing waste throughout the process. Green events go beyond simply recycling to address other major areas of waste such as food options, transportation alternatives, venue locations, and paperless advertising.  By considering all aspects of an event, planners minimize material and electrical waste, learn about simple greening methods, and can educate others on sustainable actions.
Why plan a Green Event?

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Want to know how greening your event can impact our community? Check out ourGreen Events Fact Sheet.  Here you will find statistics on the amount of carbon you can save, explanations of many aspects of green event planning, and discussions on why such actions are important to consider.


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IUOS has identified a set of conditions and actions - some optional and some required - that can be followed in order for an event to be certified.  TheGreen Events Step-by-Step Guideis a compilation of contacts, ideas, and resources for reducing waste before, during, and after your event.  

The certification survey is composed of similar goals as the planning guide above.  Upon certifying your event,Kelseyfrom IUOS will contact you with your certification level and can assist with any questions you have in the planning process. Clickhereto certify your event.