IU Food Summits

The Indiana University Food Summits convene student, faculty, staff and community stakeholders to discuss major issues relating to sustainable food on the Bloomington campus. 

For the 4th IU Food Summit (2nd Annual Food Vendor Summit), the Food Working Group will be bringing back IUB food vendors and distributors to discuss progress and persistent challenges in accessing food data. Students will be sharing results from the most recent Real Food Challenge assessment. This summit will take place Friday, April 17th, 10am-12pm in the Union Street Center Cedar Hall Auditorium (445 N Union St, Bloomington, IN 47406). 

Directly following the summit, we’ll be making pizzas in a wood-fired oven at the historic Hilltop Garden & Nature Center (2367 E 10th St, Bloomington, IN 47408, half a mile from the auditorium). Students will also be displaying their food-related work in the Hilltop classroom. 

Please register for the summit here. Send any questions to

IUB has held three previous summits: 

  1. Summit #1: How should we define and track sustainable food?
  2. Summit #2: How can we work with our vendors to access sustainable food data? What opportunities does access to data afford all parties?
  3. Summit #3: What are students perceptions and demands for sustainable food? How can we increase student awareness, understanding and demand for sustainable food at IUB?

Learn more about the IU Food Summits: Summit #1: Defining Sustainable Food | Summit #2: Accessing Data | Summit #3: Student Demand

Food Summit Tentative Agenda

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Friday, April 17th, 10am-12pm

10:00am – Introduction from Co-Chair(s)

            New initiatives

            What’s changed since the last summit

10:10am – Presentation from RFC Students

            Sustainable food criteria

            Findings for FY1314

            Recommendations, Strategies

10:25am – Presentation from Leila Virji, Sustainability Support Specialist

10:40am – Q&A / Group Discussion

11:00am - Coffee / Mojito Break

11:10am – Table Discussions – Challenges/Opportunities

            How can we address the persistent challenges?

            What are new challenges?

            What are new opportunities?

11:40am – Group Share-out

11:55am – Closing Remarks from Co-Chair(s)

IU Food Project Kickoff

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The College is proposing creation of an IU Food Institute that will comprise graduate and faculty research, undergraduate initiatives and curriculum, promotion of the IU Campus Garden, and creation of both indoor (at the institute’s eventual home) and outdoor (at Hilltop) teaching kitchens. The undergraduate side of the initiative – the IU Food Project – will be launched with this kick-off party on April 17

The IU Food Project seeks to bring together the many food actors at IU and in the Bloomington community, whether their interests be sustainability, nutrition, animal welfare, farming, food service, or the pleasures of the table. We don’t have a home yet, but Hilltop should be one of them. We don’t have a pizza oven yet, but we’re bringing in a mobile one and will have plans to show you of hoped-for construction (at Hilltop). 

Organizations represented at the Kickoff:

Bloomington Community Orchard (BCO - IU)

Food Not Bombs

Oxfam IU

Campus Garden Initiative

Edible Campus Steering Committee

Students Producing Organics Under The Sun (SPROUTS)

Student Sustainability Council

Beekeeping Club at IU

Real Food IU

& more...