IU Food Summits

The Indiana University Food Summits convene student, faculty, staff and community stakeholders to discuss major issues relating to sustainable food on the Bloomington campus. 

The 3rd IU Food Summit will take place Friday, November 7, 2014 @ 10:00-1:00pm, in the Neal Marshall Black Culture Center - Grand Hall. At this summit, we are looking to bring in students from around campus and discuss sustainable food at IUB. This will be an opportunity for students to network with faculty and staff working with food throughout the IU system and to meet other students with similar interests in food and sustainability. Interested in attending? Register closed.

IUB has held two previous summits: 

  1. Summit #1: How should we define and track sustainable food?
  2. Summit #2: How can we work with our vendors to access sustainable food data? What opportunities does access to data afford all parties?

Learn more about the IU Food Summits: Summit #1: Defining Sustainable Food | Summit #2: Accessing Data | Summit #3: Student Demand

Summit #3

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What’s on Your Plate?

Understanding Student Demand for Sustainable Food

10-10:45am: Unpacking Student Perceptions of and Demand for Sustainable Food

Table discussions among students, facilitated by trained student leader and documented by trained student note taker. Sample questions:

-       Which areas of sustainable food are important to you?

-       Considering factors like cost and convenience, how accessible do you feel sustainable food is on the IUB campus?

-       What are the primary factors either encouraging or discouraging you from purchasing sustainable food on the IUB campus?

-       What other factors influence your food choices?

10:45-11:30am: Meeting Our Campus Food Actors

Short presentations from campus dining services (RPS, IMU, Athletics) followed by panel discussion. Sample topics:

-       What is unsustainable about our current food system?

-       What does the campus food system look like and where do we fit in?

-       How does IUB define local food? Sustainable food? What’s the difference? What are the other dimensions of sustainable food?

-       What has IUB accomplished in terms of supplying more sustainable food?

-       What are the barriers and opportunities moving forward?

11:30am-12:15pm: Understanding Our Campus Food Landscape

Participants serve themselves lunch. Please choose a new table. 

Poster session (Dining services, Food Working Group, Real Food Challenge, VegIU, Oxfam IU, Healthy IU, others?)

12:15-1:00pm: How Do We Increase Student Demand for Sustainable Food?

Small group discussion with large share out facilitated by campus expert. Sample questions:

-       What types of strategies should we pursue?

  • Marketing?
  • Curriculum?
  • Other?

-       How can students support these strategies and get others involved?