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Crimson Cruisers is a bike library program created to make bicycling accessible to the students, faculty, and staff of Indiana University. The bike featured above is one we have recycled for the program.


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IUOS, Transportation Working Group, and IU Outdoor Adventures have recycled abandoned bikes and brought them back to life just for you! After recovering bikes that were headed for the landfill, the Crimson Cruisers team and volunteers repaired and painted the new fleet. 

The hope is for Crimson Cruisers to eventually work like checking out a book at your local library; all you'll need is an IUB ID to take home a bike. When renting a bike, individuals will also receive a helmet, lights, lock, and bell to meet local and state laws. We're currently in our pilot stage; 12 individuals were recently selected to be our summer ambassadors. The particpants received their bikes on April 22 and will keep them, free of charge, until August. Applications are now being accepted for the Fall of 2014.

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What are ambassadors shared about the program: 

"The idea of reducing pollution on-campus and in Bloomington is important because this campus belongs to everyone. I'll be biking to class and on errands around Bloomington playing my part in keeping the city healthy and fun to live in."  - Kristina Mihajlovic

"As a staff member employed by the School of Public Health-Bloomington my office is located in the Wildermuth Intramural Center, AKA the HPER building. I believe that due to its proximity to the IMU, unless you plan on being at work by about 7:00 AM, there is very little chance you will find a parking spot anywhere nearby, even with an ‘A’ pass. I plan to keep the bike provided to me through the Crimson Cruiser program on campus so I can use it to commute between my office and a larger parking lot where I’m sure to find parking, like perhaps the stadium lot. If I so desired, I could also then save some money by switching my parking pass with a less expensive one." - Mazias de Oliveira Jr.

"I was thinking about biking to work during the summer to give my car, and my wallet, a break.  Being a Crimson Cruiser ambassador has enabled me to do this without having to purchase anything!  I think this program is a great idea, and I hope that everyone gets a chance to be a part of it." - Erin McAvoy

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