Campus Catalyst Awards

Nomination Process

The nomination process occurs in two parts:

First, you will need to fill out a nomination form that indicates general information about the nominee, as well as the inclusion of a one page statement of nomination for why you/he/she should receive the award.

Second, you may (this is not required) provide up to three attachments with additional information that may support and supplement your statement of nomination.

Part 1: Nomination Form

Fill out the nomination form HERE

Part 2: Additional Documentation

In order to provide additional documentation you will need to send an email as shown below:

Subject: CSA - Name of the Award - Nominee's Full Name

With this email, you can attach up to 3 supplemental materials.

Examples of additional documentation:

Excellence in Research:

  • CV
  • Bibliography of Research
  • Research Abstract
  • Research Article(s)

Excellence in Teaching:

  • Syllabi
  • Teaching Materials
  • Letters of Commendation

Leadership Award:

  • Final Reports/Documentation of Outcomes
  • Letters of Commendation

Team Award:

  • Final Reports/Documentation of Outcomes
  • Feedback from Group/Team Members
  • Letters of Commendation
Nomination Timeline (2012)
  • September 4: Nominations Open
  • October 12: Nominations due by 11:59pm
  • October 13-October 31: Selection committee reviews nominations
  • November 1: Award recipients notified