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  • Director, Bill Brown
    Bill Brown, University Director of Sustainability is responsible for catalyzing sustainability initiatives in academic programs and campus operations across the Indiana University system. He also teaches Sustainability Communities in the IU School of Public & Environmental Affairs Masters of Public Administration program.

    Bill served as a member of the Greening of the White House national task group in 1993 and was awarded an American Institute of Architects (AIA) Presidential Citation in 1993 and again in 2008. He also received a US Green Building Council national award for organizational excellence for his service on the AIA Committee on the Environment.

    Bill served as Chair of the US Green Building Council's Indiana Chapter, Secretary of the Board of the American Institute of Architects Indiana Chapter, and Co-chair of the Indianapolis-Marion County Green Commission. Bill was elected to the board of directors of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education in 2012 and he also serves as a National Chair for USGBC Students, a new initiative to engage higher education students in greening their campuses and communities.

    Bill is a Life Alumnus of Indiana University, Class of 1976, and he received an Award of Outstanding Achievement from the Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning Alumni Board, where he graduated in 1993.

    Phone: 812-855-1822
  • Associate Director, Andrew Predmore
    Andrew Predmore, Associate Director of Sustainability, is responsible for cultivating the Transitions Lab (IU's take on the living-learning laboratory model) program in sustainability at Indiana University Bloomington. The Transitions Lab seeks to connect student learning, campus operations, and faculty research.

    Andrew joined the Office of Sustainability in August 2014, and came to IUOS from the University of Illinois Springfield, where he was an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies. In addition to teaching courses on environmental and natural resource policy and environmental ethics, he served as chair of the Campus Senate Committee on Sustainability. Predmore has a BA from the University of Virginia, an MS from Auburn University, and earned his PhD from Virginia Tech in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation in 2009.

    Contact: sapredmo@indiana.edu
    Phone: 812-855-2818
  • Assistant Director, Kristin Brethova
    As Assistant Director of Sustainability, Kristin Brethova's primary responsibilities are in operational sustainability, working with areas such as energy and the built environment, computing, food, purchasing, and resource use and recycling. Kristin joined the Office of Sustainability in July of 2014.

    Brethova graduated from Indiana University in 2008, and went on to earn a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of Chicago. She came to IUOS from Concordia College, where she was the institution's first Sustainability Coordinator.

    Contact: brethova@indiana.edu
    Phone: 812-855-2678
  • Project Coordinator, Makayla Bonney
    As Project Coordinator, Makayla Bonney is responsible for monitoring the Internship Program in Sustainability, coordinating campus sustainability events, managing public relations and marketing of the office and acting as a liaison for the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board. Makayla joined the Office of Sustainability in January 2016.

    Makayla holds degrees in Geography and Environmental Resource Management (B.S.) and Geography and Environmental Sustainability (M.S.) from Southern Illinois University where she served as Chair of the SIU Sustainability Council and was Co-Chair and founder of the Sustainable Procurement Working Group. As an intern with National Geographic, Makayla studied the role of geoliteracy in introducing sustainability concepts in P-12 education.

    Contact: mjbonney@indiana.edu
    Phone: 812-855-3730
Cox Scholars

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  • Engagement, Celia Daniels
    • Celia Daniels is a second year student in the College of Arts and Sciences, intending to major in Psychology and obtain a Certificate in Neuroscience before potentially continuing on into grad school. This is her first internship as well as first introduction to formal sustainability, outside of home-based conservation efforts. She has previously worked in the food industry and is interested in the studies of human behavior on a psychological and chemical level. While at IUOS, Celia will be working with intern Brad Lufkin on academic initiatives.
Service Corps Fellows

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  • Sustainability Peer Educator Program, Brett Wiley

    • Brett Wiley is a first year MPA candidate at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) concentrating in Sustainability and pursuing a Certificate of Social Entrepreneurship, a joint program between SPEA and the Kelley School of Business. Brett is back in the Midwest after six years in the DC area. He arrived in the Beltway to work on environmental policy at the White House and National Park Service and eventually realized the power of community solutions amid a grid locked Congress. This led him to be one of the first fellows and eventually Director of Energy Programs at Groundswell, a non-profit social enterprise creating access to clean energy through collective purchasing and people power. His work today is building toward a vision of mitigating climate change and building resiliency through community-owned resources and a more vibrant commons. Brett earned his BS in Biology from Truman State University. As an undergrad, he was one of the founders and leaders of Truman's sustainability movement. A couple examples of that lasting footprint include the Kirksville Bike Co-op and Truman Sustainability Initiative.
  • Sustainable Purchasing Coordinator, Leah Thill
    • Leah Thill is a Service Corps Fellow and a second year Dual Masters Degree Candidate in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs concentrating in Sustainability and Energy. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Goshen College, she worked for two years as a Project Coordinator and PULSE Fellow with Allegheny CleanWays in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania. Leah is working with a variety of campus partners including the Green Cleaning Committee, the Sustainable IT Working Group, and the Food Working Group to develop, implement, and manage sustainable purchasing initiatives.
  • Greek Sustainability, Allison Eichele
    • Allison Eichele is a Service Corps Fellow and a second year MPA/MSES candidate in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs concentrating in Sustainability and Environmental Management. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife,  Fish, and Conservation Biology from the University of California, she joined the Peace Corps and spent two years working in the Andes of Peru as a community-based environmental management volunteer. She also spent 8 months interning as a recycling and sustainability intern for the City of Davis, California before starting her masters program at IU. Allison is excited to apply her knowledge of and experience with sustainability initiatives to the Greek community. She hopes to accomplish this goal by supporting early adopters within the fraternities and sororities who have begun efforts to improve chapter sustainability, through programs such as recycling. Her long term goals include promoting community sustainability efforts through community engagement and promoting economically-efficient changes.
Academic Year Interns

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Avril Carter
Internship: Transitions Lab

Avril Carter is a second year SPEA graduate student pursuing a Master of Environmental Science degree, concentrating in Water Resources. Her career interests include international sustainable development and water resource management. Avril is passionate about promoting non-traditional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and public outreach regarding environmental stewardship and natural resource conservation. Avril hopes to collaborate with various groups at IU and within the city of Bloomington to improve campus and community sustainable awareness.

Kathleen DeBrota
Internship: Campus Garden Initiative


Kathleen DeBrota is a senior, pursuing a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in Sustainable Technology & Design through the individualized major program. She is passionate about urban gardening, sustainable food systems, habitat and resource conservation, and efficient green design, among other things, and plans to attend graduate school for engineering with the goal of making our cities greener and more beautiful. She is inspired by her love for biology and her recent experience in Copenhagen, Denmark, a city that exemplifies the benefits of sustainable engineering. Kathleen has been a volunteer at the Campus Garden and a member of Garden Corps for several semesters, and this year will be working to maintain the garden, organize volunteer groups, develop academic partnerships with professors and student groups, and promote other edible spaces on campus.

Kathleen de Onís
Internship: Education and Research Working Group

Kathleen de Onís is a third-year PhD student pursuing a degree in Communication and Culture. She holds an MA degree from the University of Montana and a BS from Northwestern University. Her research examines coalitional possibilities and community engagement with decarbonization projects, particularly solar energy development and energy justice for island nations. In addition to her research, Kathleen is an Associate Instructor who has taught Communicating Sustainability. She is delighted to be an Education and Research Working Group intern this academic year, as we consider our collective Grand Challenges, including imagining and enacting more sustainable environments and relationships at IU-Bloomington and beyond. 

Amanda Dickinson
Internship: First Year Experience
Amanda Dickinson

Amanda Dickinson is an undergraduate senior in the College of Arts and Sciences pursing a B.S. in Environmental Science, as well as two minors in Environmental Management and Biology. Previously she has volunteered with the Rooftop Garden program at the Middle Way House and is also part of NRHH, National Residence Hall Honorary. Her interests include spreading knowledge about the importance of sustainability, studying climate change, and animal conservation. This summer, Amanda will focus on collaborating with the Office of the First Year Experience and RPS to communicate the importance of sustainability to incoming freshman, as well as trying to implement more sustainability into their programs.

Willem Drews
Internship: Environmental Quality and Land Use
Willem Drews

Willem Drews is a second year SPEA graduate student pursuing a Master of Environmental Science degree, concentrating in Applied Ecology. He graduated from Wabash College with a B.S. in Biology. This year, he will be continuing his work on the IU Bloomington tree inventory, expanding upon the ash tree data collected this past summer, and focusing on gathering data, training volunteer groups, and organizing a work plan to update the IU database.
Elise Gahan
Internship: Food Working Groupelise
Elise Gahan is a senior studying community health with a minor in nutrition in the School of Public Heath. Elise's interest in food started with a love of cooking but has spread to learning about how food and health work together. She is passionate about local, sustainable food and is excited to use her passions to increase Indiana University's sustainable food purchases. This year she looks forward to working to working with student groups to increase student demand and coordinating efforts across the university.

Emma Harrison
Internship: Communications and Marketing

Emma Harrison is a third-year undergraduate student studying journalism in The Media School. While concentrating in digital media, she also pursues a minor in environmental science and health in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Emma is able to combine her two passions--journalism and the environment--as the Communications and Marketing intern for IUOS, where she spreads awareness for the Office's many projects. Her dream project would be to report on an environmental issue, build a website around that issue, and promote the project through social media and other digital platforms in order to ignite change.
Zoe Need
Internship: Donor Tree Inventory
Zoe Need is a first year undergraduate pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Management from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs with a minor in Studio Art. Through working with the Indiana University Department of Biology and the City of Bloomington, Zoe has learned the importance of connecting analytical science to visual communication. This year, Zoe will be working with the IU Tree inventory to gather current and existing data on donor trees, track the health of donated trees on campus, and model the value of donor trees to the IU Bloomington campus.
Bruna Oliveira
Internship: Resource Use and Recycling Working Group
Bruna Oliveira is a first year Master’s student at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, pursuing degrees in Public Affairs and Environmental Science, with a concentration in Water Management. She graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, followed by two scientific research periods in Hawaii and Uruguay. She is fascinated by the fluidity of disciplines and creative approaches involved in tackling ecosystem problems, and discussing complex conceptual challenges surrounding human habitation of this planet. She is interested in applying water science and innovating resource use perception to address water management issues worldwide. Bruna hopes to work toward a more sustainable IU by improving reuse programs and affecting campus-wide attitudes about waste designation and appropriation.
Linus Platzer
Internship: Strategic Energy Planning and Implementation

Linus Platzer is a first year SPEA graduate student. He is pursuing a Master in Public Affairs, focusing on Energy and Public Policy. He is passionate about improving energy efficiency towards more sustainable energy use and elevating the issue of sustainability in energy planning. He graduated from the University of Münster, Germany, and University of Twente, The Netherlands, with degrees in Political Science and European Public Administration, specializing in Environmental Policy. His academic interests include sustainability transitions in cities and states, energy and climate change, and the role of institutions for sustainable development. This year he will support the Energy and the Built Environment Working Group and the Director of Sustainability with research and analysis of renewable energy options and energy data. Internally he will help to facilitate the communication between IU’s stakeholders and partners.

Drew Roley
Internship: Sustainable IT Purchasingdrew
Drew Roley is a senior pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance through the Kelley School of Business. He previously was a volunteer with the IU Campus Garden Initiative, a member of Student Sustainability Council, and a member of IUSA Congress. He has held several accounting internships, including for nonprofit/governmental organizations, and hopes to continue to be involved in sustainability after graduation. This year, Drew will be searching for ways to make IT purchasing for the Indiana University system more sustainable.
Sheldon Salo
Internship: Utilities Conservation
Sheldon Salo
Sheldon Salo is a junior in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs pursuing a degree in Human Resource Management, as well as a minor in Spanish. She is interested in energy conservation and sustainable agriculture. This school year she will be in charge of the campus-wide Energy Challenge each semester. The Energy Challenge aims to promote and reward sustainable behavior, as well as teach students how they make a difference in the world around them.
Nathan Schuster
Internship: Advanced Buildings
Nate Schuster is a first year SPEA master's student pursuing a dual degree in public affairs and environmental science. Prior to coming to Bloomington, he earned his undergraduate degree in environmental and ecological engineering. He is interested in designing sustainable, resilient communities that foster ecological, social, and economic prosperity. This year he hopes to use his internship to continue to incorporate sustainable practices and initiatives into IU's built environment.
Jennifer Teson
Internship: Transportation Working Group

Jenn Teson is a second year graduate student working towards Master’s degrees in both Public Affairs and Environmental Science, concentrationing in Sustainability and Applied Ecology.  In 2014, she graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. Environmental Biology. Her primary areas of interest are natural resource conservation and community sustainability, and she has worked on the east coast to promote urban greening and threatened species conservation. This academic year, Jenn will work with the Transportation Working group to assist with research, analysis, and planning of potential bike sharing and active transportation programs.