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  • Director, Bill Brown
    Bill Brown, University Director of Sustainability is responsible for catalyzing sustainability initiatives in academic programs and campus operations across the Indiana University system. He also teaches Sustainability Communities in the IU School of Public & Environmental Affairs Masters of Public Administration program.

    Bill served as a member of the Greening of the White House national task group in 1993 and was awarded an American Institute of Architects (AIA) Presidential Citation in 1993 and again in 2008. He also received a US Green Building Council national award for organizational excellence for his service on the AIA Committee on the Environment.

    Bill served as Chair of the US Green Building Council's Indiana Chapter, Secretary of the Board of the American Institute of Architects Indiana Chapter, and Co-chair of the Indianapolis-Marion County Green Commission. Bill was elected to the board of directors of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education in 2012 and he also serves as a National Chair for USGBC Students, a new initiative to engage higher education students in greening their campuses and communities.

    Bill is a Life Alumnus of Indiana University, Class of 1976, and he received an Award of Outstanding Achievement from the Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning Alumni Board, where he graduated in 1993.

    Phone: 812-855-1822
  • Associate Director, Andrew Predmore
    Andrew Predmore, Associate Director of Sustainability, is responsible for cultivating the Transitions Lab (IU's take on the living-learning laboratory model) program in sustainability at Indiana University Bloomington. The Transitions Lab seeks to connect student learning, campus operations, and faculty research.

    Andrew joined the Office of Sustainability in August 2014, and came to IUOS from the University of Illinois Springfield, where he was an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies. In addition to teaching courses on environmental and natural resource policy and environmental ethics, he served as chair of the Campus Senate Committee on Sustainability. Predmore has a BA from the University of Virginia, an MS from Auburn University, and earned his PhD from Virginia Tech in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation in 2009.

    Contact: sapredmo@indiana.edu
    Phone: 812-855-2818
  • Assistant Director, Kristin Brethova
    As Assistant Director of Sustainability, Kristin Brethova's primary responsibilities are in operational sustainability, working with areas such as energy and the built environment, computing, food, purchasing, and resource use and recycling. Kristin joined the Office of Sustainability in July of 2014.

    Brethova graduated from Indiana University in 2008, and went on to earn a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of Chicago. She came to IUOS from Concordia College, where she was the institution's first Sustainability Coordinator.

    Contact: brethova@indiana.edu
    Phone: 812-855-2678
  • Project Coordinator, Hilary Horrey
    Hilary joined the Office of Sustainability in June 2015. Prior to working for IOUS, she spent several years working with the President's office of Indiana University. Horrey earned Bachelors of Arts in Communications and Culture and Spanish Language and Literature from Indiana University.

    Contact: hilsmith@iu.edu
    Phone: 812-855-3730
Cox Scholars

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  • Engagement, Celia Daniels
    • Celia Daniels is a second year student in the College of Arts and Sciences, intending to major in Psychology and obtain a Certificate in Neuroscience before potentially continuing on into grad school. This is her first internship as well as first introduction to formal sustainability, outside of home-based conservation efforts. She has previously worked in the food industry and is interested in the studies of human behavior on a psychological and chemical level. While at IUOS, Celia will be working with intern Brad Lufkin on academic initiatives.
Service Corps Fellows

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  • Sustainability Peer Educator Program, Dana Schroeder
    • Dana Schroeder is a Service Corps Fellow and a second year MPA candidate in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs concentrating in Sustainability. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Economics from the University of Georgia, she worked for a year as Education Manager at an eco-friendly backcountry lodge in the mountains of North Georgia. Dana is thrilled to spend her time at IU serving the campus and wider Bloomington communities by helping to develop, coordinate, and evaluate the Sustainability Peer Educator Program. Her long term goals include strengthening and expanding the population of environmentally-minded individuals on the local scale and making strong ties to the positive economic impact of many environmentally sound actions worldwide.
  • Sustainable Purchasing Coordinator, Leah Thill
    • Leah Thill is a Service Corps Fellow and a first year Dual Masters Degree Candidate in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Goshen College, she worked for two years as a Project Coordinator and PULSE Fellow with Allegheny CleanWays in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania. Leah will work with IUOS and a variety of campus partners to develop, implement, and manage the sustainable purchasing initiative.

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Yi Cui
Internship: Sustainable Computing Yi Cui
Yi Cui is currently pursuing Master of Public Affairs and Applied Statistics at Indiana University. Her interests include energy saving and efficiency policies, CO2 reduction, and energy policy analysis. In addition to her internship with IUOS, Yi has been working with her mentor in Informatics to analyze the relationship between virtual goods (such as Bitcoin production) and energy consumption, revealing that virtual goods and computer software also have lasting environmental impacts. After graduation, Yi would like to work for an environmental organization and focus on energy consumption between the United States and China.
Celia Daniels
Internship: Transistions Lab
CELIA Daniels
Celia Daniels is a third year undergraduate student pursuing a B.A. in English with minors in Spanish and Psychology. During the academic year, she works for the Office of Sustainability as an Advocate for Community Engagement. This position allows her to foster service learning partnerships between the Office’s Working Groups and a variety of courses across campus. Celia will start her third year with the Office in Fall 2015.
Aaron Day
Internship: No Waste Program Coordinator
Aaron DAY
Aaron Day is a senior pursuing a degree in Environmental Management in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, with aspirations of a dual degree in Spanish at Indiana University. His interests for the future are working in sustainable community development.Through his travels in South and Central America, Aaron has learned the importance of sustainable development and responsible use of resources as essentials for building and maintaining healthy, livable communities. This summer Aaron will be working toward building a more sustainable IU campus by improving campus wide composting, as well as working with the Athletics Department on Zero-Waste Game Days for the football stadium.

Amanda Dickinson
Internship: First Year Experience
Amanda Dickinson

Amanda Dickinson is an undergraduate senior in the College of Arts and Sciences pursing a B.S. in Environmental Science, as well as two minors in Environmental Management and Biology. Previously she has volunteered with the Rooftop Garden program at the Middle Way House and is also part of NRHH, National Residence Hall Honorary. Her interests include spreading knowledge about the importance of sustainability, studying climate change, and animal conservation. This summer, Amanda will focus on collaborating with the Office of the First Year Experience and RPS to communicate the importance of sustainability to incoming freshman, as well as trying to implement more sustainability into their programs.

Willem Drews
Internship: Environmental Quality and Land Use
Willem Drews

Willem Drews is a SPEA graduate student pursuing a Master of Environmental Science degree, concentrating in Applied Ecology. He graduated from Wabash College with a B.S. in Biology. This summer, he will be working on the IU Bloomington tree inventory, specifically focused on ash trees around campus. The inventory data will be used to help determine the effectiveness of the Emerald Ash Borer treatments occurring later in the summer.
Morgane Flahault
Internship: Campus Garden Initiatve
Morgane Flahault
Morgane Flahault is a PhD student and an Associate Instructor in Comparative Literature and American Studies. After teaching English for a few years in France she moved to Bloomington and fell in love with the place. She has been looking for ways to make a positive change and discovered the joys of community gardening. She is the president of SPROUTS, a student garden on campus. This summer she will be working on maintaining the campus garden at Hilltop, educational programming for the Fall, developing partnerships with faculty and community members, and increasing sites of food production on campus.

Annabella Habegger
Internship: Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale


Annabella Habegger is an undergraduate Junior in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a degree from the Digital Art BFA program and a minor in Psychology.  She has recently taken interest in sustainable ideals for food, consciously shopping smart, and encouraging general recycling habits.  In the past year, she was a Co-Chair for the Collins Sustainable Foods Committee which involved the buying, preparing, and serving of organic, local and healthy foods at bi-weekly meetings.  She is also a new volunteer of the Campus Garden Corps at Hilltop Garden.
Alyce Kanabrocki
Internship: Program Evaluation
Alyce Kanabrocki
Alyce Kanabrocki is a third year SPEA graduate student pursuing both a Master of Public Affairs and a Master of Science in Environmental Science, concentrating in Policy Analysis, Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management, and Water Resources. Her desire to work at the intersection of science and policy, and humanity and nature’s needs, was discovered during her undergraduate tenure at the University of Notre Dame, where she earned a B.S. in Environmental Science and supplemental Peace Studies major. She is particularly passionate about issues concerning climate change, sea level rise, and sustainable coastal development. This summer she will be performing a program evaluation to assess the progress the Office of Sustainability is making towards its mission of catalyzing a culture of sustainability here at IU.
Cory Lamping
Internship: Food Implementation and Planning
Cory Lamping
Cory Lamping is a 4th year undergraduate pursuing a BA in Environmental and Sustainability Studies with a concentration in Sustainable Food Systems. Cory is particularly interested in areas of food justice, security, and sovereignty. He has previously worked with local Food Not Bombs chapters both here in Bloomington as well as in Indianapolis. This summer, he will be planning Big Red Eats Green and hopes to make it an event that stimulates the University and Bloomington into affecting change and creating a more sustainable local food system.
Lauren Martin
Internship: Communications and Outreach
Lauren Martin
Lauren Martin is an undergrad studying Visual/Digital and Sustainability Communications through the Individualized Major Program with a minor in Anthropology. Lauren has spent time doing promotions and garden work with SPROUTS student community garden and the Rooftop Garden at Middleway House, which stem from her love of design and food justice. This summer she will be focusing on creating a promotional pamphlet that will be distributed across campus to communicate the breadth of programs that stem from IUOS to help brand what IUOS stands for.
Chris Meulbroek
Internship: Bike Friendly Campus Initiative
Chris Meulbroek is an undergraduate in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing majors in Economics and Geography and a minor in Mathematics. His interests include urban planning, mass transit, sustainable transportation, and community development. He hopes to use his internship to improve cyclist/pedestrian relations, research what facilities require improvement, and increase awareness of bicycles as a viable means of transportation for students, faculty, and staff on campus.
Immanuela Onocha
Internship: Statewide Sustainability
Hayley Smith
Immanuela Onocha is a second year SPEA graduate student. She is pursuing a dual-degree in Master of Science in Environmental Science and a Master in Public Affairs, focusing on Energy and Environmental Management. She is a Nigerian from Delta State; the indiscriminate exploitation of oil, which led to the pollution of the environment, instilled her interest to study Environmental Science and Public Affairs. Her interests include environmental management and protection, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable development for present and future generations. This year she would focus on assisting the University Director of Sustainability to research and highlight best practices in sustainability for the eight Indiana University campuses and other Big Ten statewide sustainability offices. She will also assist in strategic planning, website development, marketing and communications, event planning, scheduling and organizational activities. She would like to work for an Environmental Organization that focuses on environmental management, natural resource management and Energy.
Sheldon Salo
Internship: Utilities Conservation
Sheldon Salo
Sheldon Salo is a junior in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs pursuing a degree in Human Resource Management, as well as a minor in Spanish. She is interested in energy conservation and sustainable agriculture. This school year she will be in charge of the campus-wide Energy Challenge each semester. The Energy Challenge aims to promote and reward sustainable behavior, as well as teach students how they make a difference in the world around them.
Leah Thill
Internship: Renewable Energy
Leah Thill
Leah Thill is the Renewable Energy intern with the Energy and Built Environment working group. During the academic year, she works with IUOS as a Service Corps Fellow serving as the Sustainable Purchasing Coordinator. She is a 2nd year Dual Masters Degree Candidate in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, concentrating in Energy and Sustainability. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Goshen College, she worked for two years as a Project Coordinator and PULSE Fellow with Allegheny CleanWays in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This summer, Leah will track IU Bloomington's progress toward its energy goals and research renewable energy options.