Employment Opportunities

Continuing a tradition of student engagement in campus sustainability research and implementation, the Indiana University Office of Sustainability is recruiting sustainability interns for the 2014-15 academic year.

See the Internship Program page for more information. Application deadline is September 14th.

The Office of Sustainability is hiring three new interns through the Academic Year Internship Program in Sustainability, two mentored by IUOS and one by CSAB. Eleven interns will be continuing from the summer program. 

         Communications and Outreach: This position is aimed at the development of promotional materials, fact sheets, graphics, and other media to publicize efforts on conservation and sustainability practices that are currently being employed by a variety of departments. This intern will engage with social and new media (including but not limited to twitter and facebook), form connections across campus and in the community, and maintain the IUOS newsletter and website to highlight current happenings and initiatives. Strong computer skills required, experience with coding and/or with Cascade’s Web Content Management System (WCMS) is preferred.

        Sustainability Metrics and Reporting: Key sustainability metrics for IUB include the Greenhouse Gas Inventory and the Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System (STARS). These are public metrics and accuracy is essential to show credible progress toward our sustainability goals. This intern will guide the collection of required data for these and other comprehensive campus sustainability metrics in collaboration with a diverse cross section of the university community, including the seven working groups.  Applicants for this position will be required to manage a great deal of data gathered from dozens of sources and accurately report IUB’s progress using standard reporting tools. These tasks also require excellent communication skills and determination to complete very large, complex projects. This intern will also complete other national and international metrics and update the campus sustainability dashboard.

        Sustainable Computing: Sustainability and Software Application Development: The energy efficiency of the software used in desktops, laptops, and smart phones impacts the life expectancy of mobile device batteries and the amount of energy that servers and workstations draw off the energy grid.  The aim of this internship is to explore how these issues relate to common technology use at Indiana University and to develop recommendations for selecting, designing, and developing energy-efficient software among University students, faculty and staff.