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The Transportation Working Group is a diverse group of students, staff, faculty, and community members working toward sustainable tranportation solutions on Indiana University's campus.

The Transportation Working Group investigates and enacts measures to address threats to sustainability posed by single-occupancy vehicles. The Working Group aims to provide and improve alternative transportation solutions, i.e. carpooling/ridesharing, bicycling, public transit, and walking.


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The IU Task Force on Sustainability (IUSTF) created the Transportation Working Group in 2007 to address transportation issues on the IUB campus and in the surrounding community. With the establishment of the IU Office of Sustainability in 2009, the IUSTF transitioned into the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board (CSAB). The Transportation Working Group continues its research and programming as one of seven CSAB working groups.


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To promote a sustainable transportation system that will provide safe access and mobility for students, faculty, staff and visitors, and to ensure that individuals have a broad range of safe and convenient transportation options to walk, bicycle, carpool, or ride public transit to and around campus.


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  • Collaborate with the City and County to develop better routes for pedestrians and bicyclists to get into campus.
  • Encourage more car- or van-pooling for those that live outside the city, by using a combination of effective transit alternatives and pricing incentives.
  • Look at expanding the bus system to cover some of the major population areas outside of the city.
  • For those living closer to campus, there are significant opportunities to reduce single-vehicle transport, through more attractive and safer access to campus by foot, bike, and public transit, in combination with pricing incentives through parking operations.
Recent Progress

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In November 2012, the Transportation Working Group assited in publishing the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan, prepared by Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.. The TDM provides strategies for the future of transportation at IU, focusing on the reduction of single-occupancy vehicle commutes. The IU Bloomington Campus Master Plan, published in 2010, called for a TDM study to be performed in order to understand the commuting behavior of students and faculty and the viable routes to improving the transportation structure of the campus. The TDM Plan will help guide future infrastructural decisions for the university.

Learn more about the TDM here.


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Like the other Working Groups, the Transportation Working Group is jointly led by an operational staff member and a faculty member. The Working Group is currently chaired by Perry Maull (Campus Bus) and Hans Ibold (School of Journalism).


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Email (

Perry Maull

Co-Chair; Campus Bus Operations Manager


Hans Ibold

Co-Chair; Faculty (School of Journalism)


Doug Porter

Director of IU Parking Operations


Bill Brown

Director of IU Office of Sustainability


Dustin Smucker

Leisure Programs Coordinator - IU Outdoor Adventures


Vince Caristo

Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator - City of Bloomington

caristov [AT]

James McLary

Faculty (SPEA)


Tim Clark

Graduate Student/Intern (SPEA/IU Office of Sustainability)


Hannah Catt

IUSA Transportation Chair


Kent McDaniel

Executive Director of IU Transportation Services.