Focus Areas


Computation and digital technology are at the center of innovation in academic activity. Every aspect of computation from supply chain and provider accountability to energy consumption and user habits have a direct effect of the individual scholar’s and University’s carbon footprint. IU’s cutting edge information technology services and infrastructure have made it a global leader in IT. Several of our IT leaders have formed groups to discuss issues of sustainability as they relate to IT. IU’s e-waste days, energy conservation, review of products and suppliers, structuring and distribution of products and service, and IU surplus stores are just some of the examples of great initiatives produced organically by self-organized groups. 

  • In Context

    What is sustainable computing? How can we reduce the many impacts of technology use?

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  • Goals & Progress

    Learn about IU’s progress in sustainable IT

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  • Working Group

    Read about the people on campus who share the vision and concern for sustainability in IT

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    Find out what you can bring to the table!

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