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Sustainability Course Development Fellowships

The Sustainability Course Development Fellowship program, sponsored by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairs, in collaboration with the IU Office of Sustainability and the Integrated Program in the Environment, supports faculty members’ efforts to enhance teaching of topics related to sustainability and environmental literacy at the IU Bloomington campus. 

This represents an instructional component of a broad‐based initiative developed by the IU Office of Sustainability and the Integrated Program in the Environment. We are interested in supporting innovative approaches to instruction of complex, interdisciplinary topics at both undergraduate and graduate levels of instruction. Courses that may contribute to the newly developed degree in Environmental & Sustainability Studies will be given high priority for support. Service‐learning courses and those that involve application of principles of sustainability to the IU Bloomington campus are of particular interest.

The application process begins in early spring and recipients are typically awarded by the end of the semester. The program will begin accepting applications for 2015-2016 in spring 2015. 

The Award

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The award for a Sustainability Course Development Fellowship is up to $8,000, with past awards averaging about $5,000. The award will be paid as a faculty fellowship. If joint awards are made, recipients will share the award. Recipients are expected to complete their course development project during the summer immediately following the award. It is expected that they will not engage in other teaching or administrative activities during the period in which they are focused on course development. Recipients are also expected to engage with other fellows and members of the IUB sustainability community, to submit a summary report to the Office of Sustainability at the end of the fall semester following the award, and to formally disseminate the results of their instructional development project to other IU faculty in ways described by the award letter of agreement. 

How to apply

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  • The Application Procedures

    A complete application (download below) consists of:

    1. The proposal prepared by the applicant(s): Proposal descriptions must be written in clear, effective prose, and are limited to 1,500 words. A detailed plan of work should be outlined. Be aware that the Review Committee is composed of faculty members who are unlikely to be specialists in the applicant’s field. The proposal should indicate whether the course is a graduate, undergraduate or cross-listed course. The proposal should indicate anticipated enrollment in the course and how the course fits within the curriculum of the instructor’s home department/unit, and how the course may contribute to the BAESS, if applicable
    2. Current curriculum vitae 
    3. A list of previous courses (titles) taught and enrollments for the last two years
    4. Evidence of quality of teaching (e.g., a summary of student evaluations, peer reviews, a brief teaching statement) - five (5) pages maximum. 
    5. Two recommendation forms: The department (unit) support statement and one additional recommendation should be completed on forms found in the application packet. These recommendation forms address: project originality and innovation; relevance to goals of IUB sustainability program; potential impact on student learning; timeliness (for the applicant and for the university); feasibility (competency of investigator, likelihood of accomplishment, use of appropriate technology); commitment of department(s) to the project; overall quality of project (concept, planning, long-term influence).

      Download: SCDF Guidelines
      Download: Application (pdf) / Application (word)


  • Submission

    Submit to: erwg@indiana.edu by 5:00pm on March 1, 2015. Questions about the award or application procedures should be directed to Andrew Predmore at the IU Office of Sustainability: sapredmo@indiana.edu. NOTE: Applications for the Spring 2015 award are due no later than March 1, 2015. No late submissions will be accepted.

  • Evaluation Procedure

    Members of the Review Committee are instructed to rate each proposal on the basis of the criteria listed below. The applicant is therefore urged to discuss the proposed work in relation to each of the criteria, providing information about the project in the context of his/her department, the discipline, and the University.

    • project originality and innovation
    • level of engagement with existing sustainability-related programs of IUOS and IPE
    • instructional need / potential impact on student learning
    • timeliness (for the applicant and for the project)
    • feasibility (competancy of investigator, likelihood of accomplishment, use of appropriate technology, if any)
    • departmental support (how project relates to departmental goals and other initiatives)
    • overall quality of project; clarity, detail, and coherence of project description
  • The Review Process

    A faculty committee will review applications within a month of the deadline (March 1, 2015), and awards will be announced by the end of the spring semester.