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Opportunity Analysis

The Education and Research Working Group is undertaking an inventory of potential and existing projects to further the status of campus as a living learning lab.

Why are we completing this analysis? 

In accordance with STARS 2.0, we are completing the analysis to identify ways for students to actively participate in making their campus more sustainable. 

What is a Living Learning Lab? 

An environment— in this case, a college campus— that facilitates concepts of learning and sustainability to the faculty and student body by encouraging service learning projects. The campus becomes an environment in which students and faculty can practice hands on research, applying what is learned/taught in the classroom to situations in the community around them.

What is necessary to create a Living Learning Lab?

  1. A unity between technology and personal drive that allows for the creation of new projects and ideas around campus.
  2. Engaging as much of the community as one can, pulling from all resources in an attempt to enforce a sense of community while exploring research to the fullest potential.
  3. Properly going about the process of experimentation and data collecting/ analysis.
  4. Allowing for a variety of interpretation of found data, thus leading to new ideas for projects and creative solutions for perceived needs of the campus.

How does this apply to your group? 

We'd like to solicit opportunities from your group to grow our database. Specifically, working groups are great sources for implementing opportunities, such as volunteering at the Hilltop Garden and Nature Center. 

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If you are having trouble with the form, please e-mail bclufkin@indiana.edu

Opportunity Database

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Additional Resources and Contacts

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Please see these documents for more information. 

Developing Campus as a Living Learning Lab. A presentation from the AASHE Campus Living Learning Laboratory Workshop 2013. 

Real-World Learning Opportunities in Sustainability: From Classroom into the Real World. By Brundiers et al. 

STARS Technical Manual Version 2.0. Published by AASHE. See pages 48-50. 

Please feel free to e-mail Brad Lufkin, Education and Working Group Intern, at bclufkin@indiana.edu or Celia Daniels, Advocate for Community Engagement, at celdanie@indiana.edu for more information.