Green Rentals Housing Project

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The Green Rental Housing Project is a non-profit endeavor to help renters consider sustainability factors, such as energy efficiency, when choosing a rental property. Phase I of the project includes 14 cities (led by the City of Bloomington, IN) in the U.S. representing a population of 2.6MM.

Your assistance is essential in helping us collect energy data, which can help users compare costs and energy use for specific rental properties.

Directions: In order to upload data for both Duke and Vectren, you will need to fill out this form twice. Once you've submitted your first form, simply refresh the page, fill out the form and upload your second set of data.

For which utility are you uploading billing data? (Data uploads for utilities other than Vectren or Duke should be sent to

Who supplies your energy?
Only Duke
Only Vectren
Both Duke and Vectren

Number of months you have lived at this address:
More than 12

How many bedrooms does your residence have?
1 bedroom/studio
2 bedrooms
3 bedrooms
More than 4 bedrooms

How do you save energy at your residence? (Optional)

Terms & Conditions:

By choosing a file to upload and clicking "save" to submit, I understand that utility data submitted to the City of Bloomington and Indiana University will be used in a public, online database, website, smart phone application, and may be used in future analyses of energy usage patterns and/or other studies related to this project. Names and account numbers will be deleted from data uploaded using this form.

Click here to learn how to download Vectren data.
Click here to learn how to download Duke data.